Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick, Inexpensive & Hassle Free Cleaning!

This toy cleaner makes cleaning toys a breeze. With this toy cleaner it can even be used to clean toys while laying in bed. Providing you remember to bring paper towels or something to wipe the cleaner off the toys.

This is the first and only toy cleaner that I have ever owned. I first bought it to use on my non waterproof toys. If you do use this cleaner on your non waterproof toys do make sure to not let the cleaner drip into the wiring or electrical part of the toy. Since this toy cleaner is liquid it might over time short circuit your non waterproof toy.

Once I saw how great the Before & After Toy Cleaner worked on my non waterproof toys I started using it on all of my toys. My small toys like my egg vibes only take two or three squirts. My bigger toys take up to four or six squirts. This toy cleaner is as easy to use as the bottle says. Just spray it on and wipe it off. It's that simple. There is no sticky feeling at all left from the toy cleaner. The toy cleaner leaves your toys looking clean and feeling clean. I use this toy cleaner before and after I use my toys. So far I have not had any allergic reactions to this toy cleaner. This toy cleaner will last a lot longer than you think it will. I have used this toy cleaner a lot and have had this bottle now four months and this bottle has not even been half used and I use it very generously on my toys.

The toy cleaner is a clear liquid that is antibacterial. The toy cleaner does have a light scent to it the only way I can think of to describe the scent is sweet. Which means your toys will have a nice sweet scent too them. The scent is not strong in order to smell it you have to hold your toy up under your nose.

Has a nice scent.
Works great and quick.


Rating 5 Star

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eden Fantasys Manufactured Sponsored Products

I am so excited since today in the mail I just received my first manufactured sponsored product for review. Here is a brief description of how the Eden Fantasys sponsored products are different from the manufactured sponsored products.

Through the Eden Fantasys review program you can request a free manufactured sponsored product to review once a month. Unlike Eden Fantasys sponsored products you can review as many manufactured sponsored products you want each month. The only thing is you can only review one product at a time, this goes for both Eden Fantasys and manufactured sponsored products. You can not have a Eden Fantasys sponsored product and a manufactured sponsored product out at the same time. Also you can not have two manufactured sponsored products out at the same time.

I think that is great that Eden Fantasys gives people an opportunity to get free products and all Eden Fantasys asks for in exchange is an honest unbiased review on the products that you receive.

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